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In these times, which have made it even clearer how many people are wronged, it is more important than ever for us to express ourselves politically. And we are doing this in our third year in 2021 with a special annual project.

This year we would like to work on the topic FREMDKÖRPER (FOREIGN BODIES), as this term, consisting of „foreign“ and „body“, from flight and discrimination to the sexualization of female read bodies, describes many topics that concern us. This means that the current and upcoming events take up and work on various aspects of the topic. At the end of the year we will publish all of this in an artist book for you. This work becomes a collaborative research project and the book becomes a large open archive that we curate with all sorts of contributions. And here is the


We are very happy if you have suitable interdisciplinary or artistic work on the topic that we can include in our book. Depending on the topic you are working on, you assign your submitted contribution to one of the five chapters.

In terms of media, you are unlimited: texts / products / music / video and film / sculpture / concepts / painting / illustration / printmaking / theater projects / photography / documentation / specialist texts /….

Contact the curators of the chapters to which you assign your work.
Example: You work artistically or interdisciplinary on the topic of gender roles, so your work belongs to Chapter 4 on Sex and Gender. So you send your work by email with a short text to the responsible curator, in this case to Sofia.

  • Chapter 1: The new foreign to
  • Chapter 2: The social body to
  • Chapter 3: The digital prosthesis to
  • Chapter 4: Sex and Gender to
  • Chapter 5: Foreignness and Home to

Information on the other chapters will follow in the next posts. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments, by DM or email.

Now it’s been two years. In these times it became more important to talk about inequality because it’s an steady increasing issue. So this is what we are doing this year 2021. Our project called „Fremdkörper“ wants to comment on political issues like discrimination and refugee crises. We are publishing a book in spring next year. Its going to be an archive to the following topics. This is an open call! We need you all to take part to built this archive together. Please send us your works that fit to the topics below. We will select from all entries. Your are completly free in your media. Text/ products/ music/ video and film/ sculpture/ concept/ theatre/ photography/ documentation/ essay/ painting/ illustration/ print/ and any other projects….
For each chapter there is a person to contact.

The title in german is „Fremdkörper“ ~ strange / bodies

The book will have five chapters:

  1. The uncertain future à
  2. The social body (society) à
  3. The digital body (media) à
  4. The sex / gender à
  5. Flight and home à